Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lol, Beyonce and Jay Z VS. Ciara and Bow Wow LOL

I stumbled upon this today. It's old but it's funny.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Ahhhh yesss. This was a good day. Had to put this pic of 40 Cal on here, this pic is fire.

Beautiful palm trees were everywhere. Houses were very different looking compared to NY cribs.

I felt like I was gonna fall into the water in front of me lol...

Lol, this dude was looking super gay in the Hills and this is the best pic I could get while in the car lol...Ya man had a braw on and pum pum shorts...well just look @ him. He must have been 40 smh.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

More LA Food:)

Well, this stuff wasn't half as good as Roscoe's but it filled me up just the same. The spot is called Yoshindos and it's rather nice.

I had this chicken sandwich from Jr's with curly fries(at least I think they were curly..I was high again from the kush). It was good.

I Was Sick, The Doc Said "Take This and Call Me In The Morning!!!!

Yo, we was out there getting cool wit errrbody we need to be cool with. We were on Melrose and we walked into a place that sold junsi(marijuana)for medical uses. we was talking to the dude and actually talked him into letting us buy some from him without the license!! 3.5 grams of 100% California Kush!

You see it. I am not bullshitting you, opening this little bottle stunk up the entire floor. Someone knocked on the door and told us they could smell it through the door....AND WE DIDN'T EVEN SMOKE IN THE ROOM!!!

I miss it already. You can see the purple and orange hairs. One word....crazy.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Yet Another Tattoo...

Well I wanted to get a tattoo while I was in Cali. So I decided to get the Rockstar Society(RSNY)logo on my hand. With RSNY across my 4 fingers. I thought it wasn't gonna hurt.

Well....I was wrong. I forgot how sensitive your hands are. The tat artist moved hella fast but it really hurt bad lol.

Look at me...Lol I was like "Oh shit! This hurts like a bitch!" lol.

Peep her. Ain't she just puuuuurrrrty:)

See the RSNY on the fingers. Woooooo, nicely. Got a new signature move for my pictures lol...

LA Food...Roscoe's Chicken 'n Waffles!!

I hate plane food, so I was wild hungry when I got off the plane. After J. Jackson picked me up from the airport he told me we should go to Roscoe's Chicken n Waffles.

OMG.....The best food ever! I mean i've eaten at some great spot but my GOD. I was full for the next 6 hours off of one serving of Roscoe's. Damn that chicken was good. I we almost got in trouble because I had my red skinny jeans on, so did Cashly( and Juggz( had on a red Yankee fitted so an officer followed me into Roscoe's. I guess he thought I was blood and was watching us. The waitress put us on to cop and colors on our way out cuz we was kool wit her and she knew we wasn't from around there. Roscoe's is in Inglewood by the way.

Check out the menu...THEY HAVE CHICKEN BURGERS HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!(Inside for me, R3mx and Cal)

Airplanes Are Boring....

LA was a 6 hour flight. So I knew I had to come prepared. I brought with me an ipod and a good book. "The Art Of WAR", which is a great book but after the first hr of reading it I got bored.

So I grab the remote to the TV on the plane and saw there was what looked like a game controller on the back of it....and...They had video games that you could play...and amongst the games I was scrolling through I found.....

DOOM!!!!! I used to play this when I was a lil nigga running round 40's projects. I was washing the computer for the first 12 levels. Then they started killing me lolol. This occupied about 2 hrs of time.

The rest of the flight I listened to music and slept.

California Love!!! My Trip To LA!

Here's my ticket. I actually thought I was gonna miss my flight because it was for 9:45 and I got to the airport at 9 o'clock lol. Then I went to the wrong ticket booth and overheard a guy begging to board a plane that was departing in like 2 min and I thought it was my flight, but it wasn't:)

Luggage looking really nicely. The matching belt, got a lot of looks from the good looking chick security at the airport:)